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esec - école supérieure d'études cinématographiques - paris

ESEC entrance examination

ESEC entrance examination in pdf

Entrance examination

THE OBJECT OF THE ENTRANCE EXAM The tests that constitute the Entrance Examination are, first and foremost, a way to determine an applicant’s personality, his or her motivations, and the extent of his or her creativity. It is also a means to determine if he or she will adapt successfully to the various technical and creative careers in the film industry and audiovisual field that are taught at ESEC.

ENTRY LEVELS AND THEIR EQUIVALENTS Students eligible for Entrance Examination should have obtained at least the baccalaureat or equivalent (A Levels, High School Diploma) with a background in the arts, and/or have professional or personal experience pertaining to the audiovisual field.
Applications from students who have completed 2 or more years of university studies are strongly encouraged. The latter make up the majority of the student body at ESEC. However, the level of education alone does not exempt students from the Entrance Examination, the sole exception being a dispensation granted to foreign students residing too far from France to be able to attend the examination during the designated period (see below).
Applicants can enter the Entrance Examination before obtaining the diploma they may be currently completing. However, in the case where the applicant is accepted to the school, they must produce a document certifying that their diploma has been obtained at least one month prior to their final admission.

EXAMINATION DATE Applications can be made, and are considered by the school, starting from the month of January. The applicants are then invited to attend the examination at dates arranged by the school until the end of the registration period.

If the applicant is accepted, he or she is invited to register within 15 days. After this period, unless a special dispensation is granted, the school considers their admission invalid.

French students, or students residing in France, are strongly advised to send in their application without delay. Foreign students are accorded more flexible deadlines in order so that they may be able to take their last examinations in July and September. A certain number of places are reserved for them exclusively.

The registration period can end without advance notice.

FOREIGN STUDENTS Under certain exceptional conditions, some foreign applicants can be excused from coming all the way to Paris to take the written examination and interview. This is particularly the case of those who can give evidence of their sufficient artistic or professionnal experience during the last 2 years. In some cases, an additional written examination may be asked of them, as well as any documents or projects from their artistic and/or professional experience.

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